Eric Milner-White (1884-1963), a distinguished clergyman of the Church of England wrote a book of prayers, My God, My Glory, which is a favorite of mine. It contains the revised versions of the original prayers of his heart. Many of them were written during wakeful night hours when, as an insomniac, he would turn his sleeplessness into prayerfulness. This prayer on Old Age may be of help to so many of you who are navigating that new and unknown stage of your life.


O LORD GOD, who leaves us not

nor forsakes us in the time of age;

Show me, as my strength fails,

an even fuller, lovelier light of your glory

shining over and about me.

O my soul, give thanks!


There is that glory, let me find mine.

Grant me new store of gentleness, gratitude, patience;

new learning of the Suffering of my Lord;

new dignity of Grace.

Make my life wholly his life: his heart, my heart;

his breath, my breath, breathing love

to the very end.

O my soul, give thanks!


My time is in your hand

Be my support in weakness,

my courage in the dark and in pain,

my aid, day and night,

my company in loneliness,

my rest.

O my soul, give thanks!


For all that you take from me,

you give what is better,

and guide to the best.

O my soul, give thanks!


Be your love my bed and covering,

be your Christ my living Bread;

your Spirit, my strength to the end.

Bring me forth, forgiven, loved, and loving,

child and servant for ever,

into your joy.

O my soul, give thanks!