My name is Ted Schroder. I was born in Hokitika, New Zealand, which has been made famous by the ManBooker Prizewinning novel, The Luminaries, by Eleanor Catton. After university I worked as a daily editorial writer for the local newspaper, The Hokitika Guardian, taught high school and then sailed away to England to study theology at Durham University. I began my ministry in London where I met my wife Antoinette from South Carolina. We married, I came to the USA in 1970 and have been here ever since. We have two married daughters and four grandchildren.

I have always had a passion for communicating. After publishing twelve books I am concentrating on digital communication through this blog.

My mission is to provide thoughtful Christians some wisdom to understand and to apply their faith to the issues of the day so that they may be effective in their witness and strengthened in their discipleship.

Our culture is very secular and tends to squeeze out discussion of personal faith in Christ by stereotyping Christians as ignorant or outdated or intolerant. The news is filled with crime, immorality and terrorism. In order to cope with their lives many of our contemporaries resort to escapist behavior, addictive habits and ultimately destructive and dissatisfying lifestyles. Marriage and family life is threatened with disintegration. Loyal and faithful relationships are rare. Children are being born and raised outside of stable families with mothers and fathers. Our friends and neighbors are suffering from anxiety disorders and depression leading to despair, and acting out of anger. Mental illness, suicide, and homelessness is on the rise.

Into this environment Christians are trying to faithfully witness and serve through lives of love and compassion and mercy.

How best can we do that?

How can we understand others and be relevant to them in their need.

It is to these issues that I am seeking to speak.

My desire is for you to find that the Gospel hope of Jesus and his resurrection strengthens you in becoming all that you are meant to be in this world. Let us make a difference in the name of Christ and so fulfill the purpose for which he has created and redeemed us.

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