William udotong

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Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting for the first time Dr. William Udotong who is the Provost of West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos. Nigeria. Lagos (pop. 21 million) is one of the largest cities in the world. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa. Within 50 years it will probably have the largest or second-largest Christian population in the world. It is the battleground between Islam and Christianity. Boko Haram is terrorising the population in the north east. He said that violence and retribution is endemic to Islam. The Seminary (www.wats.edu.ng) has 800 students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. He believes that the most effective way to impact the region is through well trained Christian leaders. He is looking for individuals and churches to partner with WATS in providing scholarships for students beginning at $1,200 a year. WATS is nondenominational and trains pastors for all churches. A good friend, Alan Cellamare (acellamare2@gmail.com), represents WATS in the USA (office 864-895-1056, cell 704-614-0431). I commend this exciting work to your support.

Dr. William Udotong has served as lecturer at WATS for close to two decades during which time he has worked in different capacities in the Seminary. In addition to his work in the Seminary, he has held several pastoral and leadership positions in the church spanning over a decade. He is currently a senior lecturer and the Provost/President of the Seminary having been elected Provost in 2009 and officially installed in January 2010. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the Universities of Uyo and Port Harcourt (both in Nigeria) respectively. He also holds an MA in Pastoral Counseling and a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS), Kentucky, U.S.A.

His areas of specialization include; Cross-cultural Leadership Training and Counseling, Anthropology for Christian Mission, Mission and Migration (particularly migration from the Global South to the North), and the Pentecostal Movement in Africa.Dr. Udotong is married to Victoria and they have five children; Grace, Goodness, Esther, Blessing, and Jeremiah.