Terrorist with AK-47. Selected focus on eyes

In the light of the Paris terrorists attacks I have used the following prayers.


Almighty God, Lord of all peoples and nations on the earth,

Whose power no one is able to resist, and who can turn evil to good.

Save and deliver us, we humbly pray, from the hands of our enemies.

Halt their pride and self-righteousness,

Lessen their malice and anger,

Confound their plans and sow confusion among those who direct them;

Strengthen the will and wisdom of our national leaders: both civil and military,

That we, and all who represent our nation, being armed with your defense,

May be preserved evermore from all perils to glorify you, the only giver of victory


We pray for those who have never heard or understood the message of salvation in Jesus

For those who have lost their faith or have trusted only in their own reason

For those hardened by rebellion or indifference

For the contemptuous and scornful

For those who are enemies of the Cross of Christ and persecutors of his disciples

That God will open their hearts to the truth as it is seen in Jesus, and lead them to faith and obedience.


God of all mercy, creator of all the peoples on earth and lover of souls:

Have compassion on all who do not know you as you are revealed in your Son Jesus Christ;

Let your Gospel be communicated with grace and power through all possible means, including us, to those who have not heard it;

Turn the hearts of those who resist it, draw them to yourself by your Spirit;

Bring home to your fold those who have gone astray and are lost in a far country,

So that there may be peace in the world.

Help us to be witnesses to your love and servants in your Kingdom,

we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.