How do you imagine Jesus? Each of us has our own perception. In St. Faith’s Anglican Church, Rotorua, New Zealand, there is an etching of Jesus seen as a Maori chief in a window that gives the impression that he is walking on the waters of the lake. It is not important how we see Jesus, but what we can see through him, his life, teaching and redeeming work.

“Jesus Christ is the window through which we can see God. When the Christian message says with emphasis, ‘Look to Christ,’ it does not mean ‘look away from God,’ but ‘look away to God where God really is,’ for if God is contemplated apart from Christ, if Christ is ignored, then God is not seen as He really is. Zeal for Christ is zeal for the true God… Christ is really simply the window through which ‘the eternal Light streams in’; this is His significance, and His alone.”

(Emil Brunner, The Mediator, p.401)